Track Information

MSL: Approximately 635′ 194m (estimated)
Location: 33559 Famoso Rd.
Lat/Long: 35.5966219 – 119.1276042 (estimated)
Track Length: 1/4 mile
Run Off Length: 1/4 mile
Parking Area: A whole bunch
Pit Area: 60 + acre

Race fuel is available at the tack from M&M Fuels. M&M carries VP Racing brand of race fuels and they are open every event. Contact them for any questions about fuel types 661-978-5425

Tech inspection is held at all race days. Make sure you completely fill out your tech card. You will be given your tech card when you enter the gates.

Camping is available during most events. There are no hook-up at the track, but there is plenty of space, and Famoso is famous for some of the parties that go on after the racing stops! Please note that some events charge for over-night camping so check the fine print.