Attention 2023 Hot Rod Reunion Front Row Customers
We would like to offer those that purchased front row camping for the 2023 Hot Rod Reunion first right of refusal for the 2024 Hot Rod Reunion. Soon all 2023 Front Row Customers will receive an email containing a link that will allow you to renew your previous space or spaces. Front Row Spots will be sold for $475 each. Each purchase will be good for one camping unit and one occupant.
If you are unable to attend or you do not intend to purchase a Front Row Spot for this year’s event, please respond to the email declining the renewal offer. If you would like to attend the 2024 Hot Rod Reunion and keep your Front Row Spot or Spots, please click on the purchase link provided.
We are allowing those that want to renew to do so until August 1st. Those that don’t get back to us by email or by purchasing will forfeit their Front Row Spot or Spots.
Once the purchase window closes for those that purchased Front Row Camping in 2023, we will open Front Row purchases to new Front Row customers.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in October!

Famoso Dragstrip Presents “Twighlight Nitro”

FOR  IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Famoso Dragstrip Presents "Twilight Nitro" at the 2024 California Hot Rod Reunion  Bakersfield, CA (May 10, 2024) - Famoso Dragstrip is excited to announce "Twilight Nitro," a spectacular three-night event featuring Top Fuel, Funny Cars, Fuel...


Bakersfield, Calif.—The California Hot Rod Reunion, a nostalgia-laced drag racing tradition since 1992, is back! The event returns to its original name and will get a fresh burst of energy and excitement October 25-27, 2024, as the event will be organized and produced...