Currently, Famoso is only allowed to have events at the track without spectators.

We are currently working on more events, including Street Tuner, that will be scheduled and announced, should Famoso receive a spectator allowance from the County Health Department.

Thank you!

Auto Club Members, show your membership card and receive $2 off admission tickets at all Street Tuners! There is no limit on amount of tickets to be purchased. One card gets Discount Tickets for everyone in your group. No discounts for racing, only spectator admission. Auto Club Members, come on out and have a good time!
The Street Tuner Series at Auto Club Famoso Raceway, is designed for street, trucks, and motorcycles only.  The vehicle in its current condition must be able to pass  DMV inspection .  Purpose built drag cars, such as bracket drag cars, dragsters and fully gutted import drag cars setup for drag racing only will not be allowed to race during this event. There are several other races at Auto Club Famoso Raceway throughout the season for these types of cars to participate in. The Street Tuner series is for the grudge racer, or in-experienced racer to practice their drag racing skills in a safe environment with their street car.

Racer Gear:
Full-length pants; short- or long-sleeved shirt; closed shoes; and socks. No shorts. No tank tops. No open-toe or open-heel shoes or sandals.

Racers must have a Snell 2010 or 2015 approved helmet if their car runs a 13.99 or quicker in the quarter mile.
Other safety gear will be required for faster vehicles as per NHRA rulebook.

MOTORCYCLES— All Motorcycles Snell Approved helmet M2010, M2015, Sa2010, SA2015. 9.99 and quicker must have a NHRA Motorcycle License. Motorcycle under 120 MPH, leather motorcycle jacket, leather gloves, leather shoes/boots above the ankle. Motorcycle above 120MPH: Full All-Leather or SFI 40. 1/2 Suit mandatory. Two pice suit must be joined at the Wait with a metal 360 degrees zipper. Leather boots/shoes above ankle, gloves Kevlar-Lined or equipped with slid buttons.

Hey, want to challenge your buddy? This is your chance. Want to run 1/4 or 1/8 mile? Make a pass without the scoreboards on? This is when you do it. Wager runs, grudge runs or time only runs. It’s all up yo you.

Bracket style drag cars not allowed, this is for street tuners only.

Want to call someone out over the PA System? Bring it!

Imports or Domestics it doesn’t matter.

Car clubs here is your chance to have an affordable club day.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. We want to build an entire day dedicated to Tuner cars and Bikes.

Cost is $40.00 to race or $20.00 to spectate for ages 13 and up.
12 and under are free with paid adult.