2022 Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet Credential Request

Members of the working media are welcome to the Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet. Media credentials will be issued to members of the working media, but not to advertising, marketing or other staff members of media. Please read and understand the below guidelines before filling out the entry form.

DEADLINE – Credential requests must be received no later than February 10, 2022. I will be processing credentials weekly(ish). If you do not hear from me in 10 days or so, shoot me an email. Don’t call me. It will go to voicemail with the other 10,000 calls and will get lost.

Due to fan complaints, starting line access will be extremely limited, and will be under additional restrictions due to space limitation and safety requirements. You must be associated with a recognized news or media organization to have credentials issued. There is a limit of not more than two starting line credentials per media outlet.

As you know credentials are in high demand for next year’s race and fan complaints have forced Famoso Dragstrip to cut back heavily on track side access.  The media credential application is now active on the Auto Club Famoso Raceway website, located at the bottom of the March Meet page.  There will only be 40 track side credentials issued this year.  Please note that filling out the application does not guarantee credentials.

Do not request this access if you don’t absolutely need it. Anyone violating the starting line access restrictions will be removed and may lose all future access to events. Due to trademark and usage rights issues, Photographers / Videographers that are generating media for sale need to contact us at famosodragstrip@gmail.com. We will address each request individually.

Photographers who have been approved for media credentials must submit a passport size photo of themselves for their media ID badge. Yes, you will all have your own personal ID badge. If we do not receive a photo, you don’t get a badge.  Photos must be received by February 20th 2022.

Due to insurance regulations, credentials will not be issued to anyone under 18 years old. Telephone requests cannot be honored. Photo Credential holders will be required to sign a release prior to picking up their credentials. No credentials will be mailed.

Ladders and step stools are not to be used track side, during the event.  However, they can be used during final rounds, so you can get the “two cars” in one shot.

Absolutely NO cell phone media.  i.e. Facebook live streaming, Instagram live streaming, snapchat or other live streaming.  It looks very unprofessional for photographers to be taking videos and photos with their phones. If you want one quick phone shot that’s OK, but don’t continuously stay on your phone.

Keep the camping at the wall to a minimum. We know you guys need a break, but the fans hammer us with emails about “All those guys out there that just stand or sit around.” If you’re going to take an extended break, walk away from the track and find some shade.

We know the problem of people standing around the starting line is 3-fold and we will be actively enforcing guidelines this year for racers, their crewmen and their “Team Photographers” that seem to never leave with the team. If you have a problem with anyone on the line, please summon either Me or whoever is helping. One of us will almost always be in the media tent behind the tower. Let us or security deal with it.

Please remember, this race is for the fans. When the fans have to wait for the cars to come out of the 100-foot-long tunnel of photographers before they can see them, then we have problems. Be courteous to each other and the fans.  Please do not all stack up on one side of the track, I know the lighting moves, but please be courteous to the fans.

After the event each credentialed photographer is to submit 50 photos to the track for our use, failure to do so will hinder future media credentials.

Not all requests can be filled. Please read this form carefully before you make your final submission. When picking up credentials, you will need to have a valid, government-issued photo identification card. The name on the card must match the name on the credential confirmation which will be sent to you. If you have questions, please send an email to famosodragstrip@gmail.com

Approved entry credentials holders will have their credentials held at the Will Call tent outside of Gate 1 starting Tuesday, March 1st, 2022.

Photo credentials must be picked up by the credential holder.

These rules and regulations are subject to change.

On-site media contacts:
Kleet Norris



Please download our Good Vibrations March Meet advertisement (below) and run it on your respected site and provide us a link so we can see the ad.  Running this ad will not guarantee a media credential for the March Meet, and not running the ad at all, will definitely hinder any chances of receiving media credentials.