Famoso 4 Pack Tuner At Famoso Dragstrip, is open to vehicles running a 7.50et or slower in the 1/4 mile!

Racer Gear:
Full-length pants; short- or long-sleeved shirt; closed shoes; and socks. No shorts. No tank tops. No open-toe or open-heel shoes or sandals.
Racers must have a Snell 2015 or 2020 approved helmet if their car runs a 13.99 or quicker in the quarter mile.
Other safety gear will be required for faster vehicles as per NHRA rulebook.

MOTORCYCLES – All Motorcycles Snell Approved helmet  M2015, SA2015, m2020, sa2020. 9.99 and quicker must have a NHRA Motorcycle License. Motorcycle under 120 MPH, leather motorcycle jacket, leather gloves, leather shoes/boots above the ankle. Motorcycle above 120MPH: Full All-Leather or SFI 40. 1/2 Suit mandatory. Two piece suit must be joined at the Wait with a metal 360 degrees zipper. Leather boots/shoes above ankle, gloves Kevlar-Lined or equipped with slid buttons.

Hey, want to challenge your buddy? This is your chance. Want to run 1/4 or 1/8 mile? Make a pass without the scoreboards on? This is when you do it. Wager runs, grudge runs or time only runs. It’s all up yo you.

$100 – Car & Driver plus 3 friends (4 Pack)
$25 – extra Crew or Spectator tickets

Gates Open @ 8am
Racing 10am – 5pm