Welcome to Auto Club Famoso Raceway

Here are a few things you should know 

87.9 FM is our radio station for announcements. We will mostly be making lane calls and informational announcements tonight.

The first grandstand is for the crew viewing area. Due to Covid-19 all other grandstands are closed. You should practice Social Distancing and mask wearing for precaution.

Also due to Covid-19 the permanant bathrooms are closed. We have portable bathrooms and wash station near the tower.

For the Racing Side

Make sure you follow instructions of all officials. If you need help to understanding the instructions, please ask the nearest official for help. 

As you come into the facility you will get your prepaid tech card and wristbands at the gate. If you need to fill out a tech card you must go through tech in the lanes. Follow the signs in the staging lanes

If you have filled out your Tech Card on the Foat and put it towards this event, you will be in express tech. You’ll pull up to your designated lane with the tech card we are giving you. It will be already filled out. All you need to do is hand it to an offfial tech person in the lanes and you are all set.

Lane Designation

Lane 1 – Pro Tree

Lane 3 – Pro Tree

Lane 5 – Sportsman Tree

Lane 7 – Sportsman Tree

Lane 9 – Motorcycles & Jr Dragsters